Talmud Torah



As part of the respect of our traditions, the Talmud Torah Tournelles community allows all children from the age of 7 years and up to the Bar / Bat mitzvah to be able to follow a complete program that respects the rites and the customs of our parents as well as a teaching about the history of Israel.

The teaching is spread over 3 levels with a reduced staff.

Direction of Talmud Torah : please contact Rudy Sitbon at the following email :

Warning : the courses are only in french language.


Beginner level (Kita Alef)

Learning of prayer, dinim (Jewish laws), Jewish holidays and Jewish history.


Advanced level (Kita Beth)

Learning of prayer, dinim (Jewish laws), Jewish holidays and Jewish history.


Confirmed level (Kita Guimel)

Essential parts of prayer, modern Hebrew, Jewish holidays, dinim (Jewish laws) and deepened.



Several events will punctuate the program as part of religious festivals throughout the year.

souccot  Sukkot (from 15 to 21 Tichri): breakfast in the succah.




Hanukkah  H'anuka (25 Kislev for eight days): animation (songs, quiz, children's show) in the presence of parents, hannoukia contest, gifts for children, buffet (donuts, etc.).






tou bichvat Tu bichevat (new year of trees on the 15th of May): tasting of different varieties of fruit.










purim Purim (14 Adar): disguise contest, animation (magic, balloon sculpture, cotton candy, etc.).








pessah Pessah' (15 to 22 Nisan): seduce collective before the party.




lagbaomer  Lag Baomer (18 Iyar): exit with the community.






End of the year: "pizza party" with parents and children.