Brit Milah



Circumcision is the first command given by Gd to Abraham, the first Jew, and constitutes an act at the center of Judaism: "And I will establish an covenant between Me and you, and your descendants after you according to their generations, as a eternal covenant, to be for you a Gd as for your offspring after you "(Genesis 17,7) by marking the physical body with the sign of the covenant, Abraham reveals the intrinsic bond of each Jew with the creator.

How to plan the event?

Do you want to celebrate a Brit Milah in our Synagogue ? You have the following possibilities:

  • Celebrate this moment outside at your home or in the room of your choice and borrow a "Sandak" chair from our available chairs (see below).

Please indicate the chair number you wish to reserve at the Secretariate.

These chairs were offered by the families of faithful of our community, in memory of their dear missing or were repatriated of North Africa with the exodus of the Jews of Algeria. They were restored thanks to our patrons and are therefore a major historical heritage that will add a touch of special emotion to your ceremonies.

Do not hesitate to contact us to borrow a seat if you celebrate this mitzvah outside (a deposit will be required).


Pictures of chairs

IMG 3146 bis

Chair N°1

IMG 3144 bis

Chair N°2

IMG 3145 bis

Chair N°3

IMG 3147 bis

Chair N°4

IMG 3297 bis

Chair N°5

IMG 3298 bis

Chair N°6

brit7 Chair N°7