Wedding is the sacred union between a man and a woman. The husband must honor and fill his wife. What could be more beautiful than watching and founding a home in the continuity of our fathers and closer to the Halakha?

Our Rabbi will help you in this important step until the solemn day.

Contact our Secretariate who will arrange an appointment with our Rabbi.

At Synagogue des Tournelles, the ceremony includes in an undifferentiated way the following steps:

  • Entry of the newlyweds
  • Speech
  • Kiddush
  • Sheva Berakhot (the seven benedictions)
  • Reading of Ketuba (wedding's contract)
  • Sign of Ketuba
  • Blessing of Cohanim
  • Glass breakage

However, we will personalize the ceremony so that it corresponds to you and will define with you the unwinding and the particular modalities desired:

  • You have a choice between a traditional ceremony accompanied by the organ of the Synagogue or a ceremony accompanied musically by Az Yashir.
  • You can involve your family rabbis or your family members in the song of Sheva Berakhot (the seven benedictions) or use the service of our professional 'Hazanim who will enchant your ceremonies: Mimoun AMAR, Laurent ELGUIR, or call on the H'azan of your choice (in addition), cf. page Our 'Hazanim.
  • The Rabbi proceeds with the speech to discuss the particular circumstances, the people who wish to recall or the habits and customs of each ritual.
  • The flowering of the Synagogue and the songs depend on the "class" you choose for your ceremony directly from the "Consistoire de Paris".

See the price list for weddings.

  • All the ceremonies of blooming and songs indistinctly, it is the quantity which varies still.
  • You can add a valet service, although our Synagogue is ideally located in public transport and near the car parks. See the page How to come? for more details.
  • The ceremony usually lasts an hour, we ask your guests at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, the same for the concert and the kala so that everything goes well and optimally and respecting the following weddings.
  • So that everything goes as planned, that you suggest with the rabbi to form a memo written (in two copies) all the important points: the choice of music, organ or Az Yachir, how to organize the procession, number of seats under the 'huppa (parents, grandparents, 'hatan & kalah ...), witnesses, points of attention of the speech, people to remember ....
  • A volunteer administrator, member of the administrative commission is present during the ceremony and ensures the good general organization.

The Synagogue des Tournelles in Paris is "friendly international wedding" and welcomes Jews from around the world who wish to unite in Paris. We can help you to find a "wedding planner" and will make for you the contact easier with "Consistoire de Paris" in order to be sure you have all the documents to celebrate a religious wedding under the jewish law.