Our liturgy

This page gives some excerpts of the liturgy of our Synagogue whose rite is Sephardic of the region of Constantine in Algeria.

The h'azanut or liturgy of the Constantine region is not like those of other North African countries. She is more melancholy and more subtle. It is inspired by Malouf (Arab-Andalusian music from Algeria among others). It makes us vibrate with all our being. Our duty is to share it and to perpetuate it from generation to generation, which is what our synagogue is committed to.


Maariv/Arvit of Shabat

Bar Yoh'ay sung by the H'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)


Shah'arit and Mussaf of Shabat

First part of the Shah'arit service by the H'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)

Second part of the Shah'arit service by the H'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)

Third part of Shah'arit service then service of Mussaf - H'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)

Torah reading for a Shabat H'atan - H'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)


Other extracts

Homilyetic Dissertation of the 7th Commandment (by the h'azan Henri Levy - zal)

Adon Olam

Brit Milah at the Synagogue (recorded in 1988 with the h'azan Adolphe Zerbib - zal)

Haftara extract by the h'azan Adolphe Zerbib (zal)

Haftara lue le Chabat H'azon (précédant le 9 Av)

Extract from Hallel

Hagada : "Etmol" and "Ha lah'ma ania"

Tehillim interpreted by J. Athlan (zal), a faithful of the Synagogue

Extract from selih'ot in Judeo-Arabic


To know more, please visit the website below : liturgy from Constantine.