Word of our President


zerbibpng  Professor Marc ZERBIB


The Synagogue des Tournelles,
 In the heart of the Marais district and near the Place des Vosges, is the Synagogue des Tournelles (member of the ACIP) which was inaugurated in 1876, built by Marcellin-Emmanuel Varcollier, a student of Baltard.
 It is classified by the Buildings of France, historical monument.
 The metal frame of the building was made by the Forges and Ateliers de Normandie, with the help of Gustave Eiffel.
 The Synagogue des Tournelles is the property of the city of Paris. On the facade, we find the Tables of the Law and the Patches of the City of Paris.
 This Synagogue opens on a peristyle which gives access to a nave of 21 meters at the end of which is the Holy Ark.
 It has 600 seats on the ground floor, 464 seats on the 1st floor and 280 seats on the 2nd floor. It is dominated by a majestic organ.
 The first faithful of this Synagogue were from Alsace and Lorraine. They were followed by Emigrants from Poland, Tsarist Russia and Eastern Europe. Initially Ashkenazi rite, it changed from 1958 to become Sephardi dominant Constantine, a region located in eastern Algeria.
 Many rabbis succeeded Michel Mayer, Raphael Levy, Nathan Levy (died in deportation), Henri Champagne, David Feuerwerker, Yehuda Halevy, Simon Morali, Solomon Attiach, Roger Touitou and since 2005 Rabbi Yves-Henri Aaron Marciano ...

The current Chanters are Sirs : Mimoune Amar (Rabbinical delegate), Dan Arbib 1st 'Hazzan, Laurent Elguir 'Hazzan and David Herzog pupil 'Hazzan.
The Tournelles Synagogue has a permanent mode of operation. Every morning, afternoon and evening, services are provided, including Shabbos and holidays. A large number of faithful regularly attend our Synagogue, particularly attached to the liturgy and the specific music of traditional songs.
The imposing architecture and the majestic central aisle of the Synagogue favor wedding ceremonies, nearly 150 weddings are performed each year in our beautiful synagogue.
Children and families also enjoy coming to celebrate the events of religious life (Brit Milha, Bar and Bat Mitva). Bereaved families find solace and comfort in reading the psalms.
The Synagogue des Tournelles has an annex building with classrooms for the Talmud Thora and two function rooms with 80 and 100 seats.
Finally, besides the religious practice, several activities are regularly offered to the faithful: Rabbi Marciano's class, chabatic meals, conferences, liturgical concerts, ...
The Journal des Tournelles, cultural and information magazine on the activities of our Synagogue, allows to report and disseminate the activities of the Tournelles Community. The website is also accessible and allows you to be constantly informed of all events.
You will be, All and All, always welcome in our beautiful and welcoming Synagogue in Paris,
Berou'him Habaim!

Professor Marc Zerbib
President of the Synagogue des Tournelles