Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah


The bar / bat mitzvah or religious majority, dedicates the age at which a young boy, or girl, becomes responsible for fulfilling all the commands (mitzvot) of the Torah and at the age of 13 for boys and 12 years for girls. For this reason, according to the literal translation, Bar-Mitzvah means "son of the Mitzvah," which describes the state of the young man or girl who is now responsible for performing all the mitzvot (commandments).

This ceremony is an important moment in the religious formation of any young girl or boy. It is a duty for parents to prepare their children for this event, thus making possible the transmission of the law of Moses and our traditions from generation to generation.

Thanks to the Talmud Torah of the Synagogue, children will be prepared for this important event while teaching them the specificities of the Synagogue.

Our H'azan Mr. Laurent ELGUIR also provides a more specific preparation for the reading of the Torah and the prayers of the office during the year preceding the bar / bat mitzvah, according to the demand and possibilities of the H 'azan. For any information please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To book the date of your child's bar / bat mitzvah, please contact the Secretariate who will give you all the practicalities.

You can also book one of our rooms (Salle Gilbert Guedj or Salon David Halimi) or the hall of the Synagogue, to then celebrate your convivial / family moment:

  • After laying tefillin, for a breakfast,
  • After the bat mitzvah of your daughter, for a snack,
  • After the bar mitzvah of Saturday lunch for a Kiddush / lunch,

Look at the Rooms available in the page Rooms available.